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CR2430 Lithium 3v 220mAh button cell battery
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CR2430 Lithium 3v 220mAh button cell battery


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Essential details
Application:Toys, Home Appliances, Consumer Electronics, Electronic Flash products
Battery Size:CR2032
Warranty:2 year
Brand Name: Suncom
Place of Origin: China
Shape: Button, CR Cylindrical Cell
Weight: 2.9g
Product name: CR2032 3V Lithium Battery Cell
Nominal Voltage: 3V
Type: Lithium Battery
Diameter: 20mm
Capacity: 220mAH
Height: 3.2mm
Packing: 5 pcs per card
  • CR2032 3V Lithium Battery


2430 is named according to IEC standards. Among them, C - is a chemical battery system with lithium metal as the negative electrode and manganese dioxide as the positive electrode, and CR - indicates that the battery is button type. In 2430, 20 refers to the outer diameter of 24mm and 30 refers to the thickness of 3.0mm.

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About Us

Guangzhou Fanli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a new high-tech industry joint company,CR2430 is our current hot selling product. The following is the information about CR2430 battery recorded by our company in the process of research and development.


Save period broadcast

It can be stored in a room temperature, ventilated and dry environment (the humidity shall not exceed 60%) for 3-5 years.

Application range broadcast

1. Used as standby power supply for instruments, meters, industrial control boards, etc;

2. Luminous and acoustic electronic products;

Usage mode (connection mode with PCB board)

1. Use button battery holder; The battery holder is equipped with pins of plug-ins or patches, which can be soldered on the holes or pads of PCB board through tin, and the battery is placed in the battery holder; 2. Conduct spot welding on the battery, weld the pins, and then weld the battery with pins on the PCB. Note.

(1) The battery spot welding will generate high temperature and pressure, which will easily damage the electrical performance of the battery. Therefore, non professional manufacturers cannot spot weld the battery.

(2) The spot welded battery shall not be subject to wave soldering, which may cause battery short circuit and lead to scrapping.

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