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AG2 LR726 1.55v Button Alkaline Coin Battery
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AG2 LR726 1.55v Button Alkaline Coin Battery


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Model: LR726/AG2

Type: Alkaline environmentally friendly

button battery

Voltage: 1.55v


Weight: 0.23g



Product performance description

1.12months quality warranty.

2.Ultra environmental friendly button cellbattery.

3.Long working time.

4.Made fromhigh-qualitymaterials.

5.Excellent performance.


7.Excellent storage performance and lowself-discharge rate.

8.Excellent safety performance.

9.MSDS/RoHS/sGS/CE certificate

10.Also if the customers want the batterywith PCB tabs, we can do as their drawing.

  • AG2/LR726

LR726 is the international name AG2 in Hong Kong, 396 in Switzerland, SR726 in Japan, 196 in China. This specification is 1.5V 7.9 * 2.6 mm,It is mainly used for various watches and is a common watch battery.The brand name of this battery is Suncom, which is a famous brand and focuses on producing high-quality batteries. The shelf life of our LR726 battery is more than 2 years.

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Guangzhou Fanli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. focus on the production and sales of high-quality button batteries, such as LR726, SR626sw, CR2032 and other popular batteries. We have two large factories in Guangdong Province, China, which are sufficient to support the monthly output.

As a powerful battery manufacturer, we can not only give you the most favorable price, but also provide enough quantity to support your development in your market. Therefore, it is a very powerful choice to choose us as a partner.

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