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Alkaline Battery

We are an excellent original manufacturer of alkaline batteries, producing AA, AAA and other alkaline batteries. 

  1. One of the advantages of using our company's alkaline battery is that it can save costs, especially compared with the so-called "rechargeable" and "super capacity" batteries. You can buy a large box of alkaline batteries and keep them at home for several years. Even if the battery is not used much at ordinary times, it is still necessary to keep some inventory ready for use and emergency.

  2. Another advantage of alkaline batteries manufactured by our company is that they can be used in extremely high and low temperature environments, while carbon batteries cannot. In high and low temperature environment, the efficiency of carbon battery is greatly reduced. This is particularly important for electrical appliances that are often used outdoors.

  3. The most important thing is that our alkaline batteries have unique environmental advantages and do not contain harmful components such as lead, mercury and cadmium. Therefore, waste batteries will not cause serious damage to the environment. Non alkaline batteries need to be discarded in a special way to avoid pollution. Therefore, you don't have to feel guilty about throwing away the alkaline battery, because it will not damage the environment.

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