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AG1/LR621 1.5V 14.5mAh Alkaline Button Battery
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AG1/LR621 1.5V 14.5mAh Alkaline Button Battery

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Model: LR621/AG1/LR60

Type: Alkaline environmentally friendly

button battery






Product performance description

1.12months quality warranty.

2.Ultra environmental friendly button cellbattery.

3.Long working time.

4.Made from high-quality materials.

5.Excellent performance.


7.Excellent storage performance and lowself-discharge rate.

8.Excellent safety performance.

9.MSDS/RoHS/sGS/CE certificate

10.Also if the customers want the batterywith PCB tabs, we can do as their drawing.

  • LR621/AG1/LR60

LR621 generally refers to the model of button battery. The button battery is usually 10 pieces per board, general lr621sw/364/LR60/ag1, suitable for quartz watch, electronic watch, and Tisso Casio watch battery.

Lr621 alkaline manganese button battery adopts advanced ultra-thin shell clip technology, while adding more active materials, so that the battery performance is comprehensively improved and the power is strong and durable! Recommended use: small memory, electronic watch, mobile phone flash, advanced camera, IC memory, etc


About Us

Fanli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., is a plant-company new model group integrating research and development, production and sales. We have two factories in Guangdong Province, each with more than four production lines. The button battery production line is only one of them. For example, there are AG1-AG13 series, SR battery series, CR battery series, etc.

      As a battery manufacturer, we can not only provide the best price to customers, but also supply batteries on time. There are also various kinds of packaging, such as industrial packaging and card packaging. And we support customization. We can not only develop the battery label, but also customize the cardboard to support the brand development of our customers.

      In China, many companies are our customers, such as EBL, Doublepow, 555 We are the source of the battery factory. Choosing us as a partner will be your most trouble-free choice.

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Our company is an e-commerce operator that takes Internet technology as the core, serves traditional factories that are eager to transform, and provides technical assistance and sales channels to major factories.


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