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CR2032 3V 220mah Lithium Button Battery
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CR2032 3V 220mah Lithium Button Battery

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Model: CR2032

Type:Lithium manganese buttonbattery






Product performance description

1.12months quality warranty.

2.Ultra environmental friendly button cellbattery.

3.Long working time.

4.Made from high-quality materials.

5.Excellent performance.


7.Excellent storage performance and lowself-discharge rate.

8.Excellent safety performance.

9.MSDS/RoHS/sGS/CE certificate

10.Also if the customers want the batterywith PCB tabs, we can do as their drawing.

  • CR2032

This CR2032 button battery is 3V, 220mah capacity. It is applied to a variety of electronic products, such as electronic scales, motherboards, MP3, electronic remote controls, car keys, circuit boards, etc. The size is 2.0 * 3.2mm, and the weight is 2.9g. Our factory has more than four production lines, and the button battery production line is just one of them. If you need further details, please contact us.


About Us

Guangzhou Fanli Electronic Technology Co., LtdCR2032 in production line,Lithium manganese dioxide battery, named according to IEC standard. Where, C - represents the chemical battery system with lithium metal as the negative electrode and manganese dioxide as the positive electrode, R - represents the shape of the battery as a cylinder, and if it is square, F replaces it; 20 means the diameter of the battery is 20mm, and 32 means the height of the battery is 3.2mm. The nominal voltage is 3.0V, the end point voltage is 2.0V, and the rated capacity varies from 200mAh to 240mAh, depending on the manufacturer's level. With the requirements of the new industry, there are also specially improved batteries, whose capacity will be very different, mainly to improve their high current output capacity, such as those used for flash lamps or RF products.

The battery is commonly used on CMOS batteries on computer motherboards, other memory functions or power failure protection modules, electronic scales, calculators, electronic dictionaries and other products. It can also be used on the car remote control key.

The storage life of CR2032 is usually 5 years. If the manufacturer's manufacturing level is not high or the quality control is not good, its life will be greatly shortened. The battery of domestic first-class brands can basically guarantee this life. If the service environment is ideal (sealed, normal temperature, no water interference, etc.), the service life will be further extended, up to 8 years, or even 10 years.

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