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How to Buy Alkaline Batteries?
12-06 2022

The main components of alkaline batteries are: zinc, manganese dioxide and potassium hydroxide, which contain no or only traces of mercury and are harmless to humans and the environment. Therefore, alkaline dry batteries belong in household waste or residual waste. How to buy alkaline batteries?

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What Are the Advantages of Alkaline Batteries?
11-15 2022

The common composition of disposable alkaline batteries on the market is zinc-manganese dioxide, which uses manganese dioxide as the cathode of the battery, zinc as the anode, and potassium hydroxide aqueous solution as the electrolyte.

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What Are the Performance Characteristics of Alkaline Batteries?
11-09 2022

Alkaline Battery refers to a battery that uses an alkaline electrolyte, generally called an alkaline battery in life, referring to an alkaline zinc-manganese battery. In a broad sense, the electrode materials used in alkaline batteries include: zinc-manganese dioxide, zinc-mercury oxide, cadmium-nickel hydroxide, etc.

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What is the Difference Between Alkaline Batteries and Carbon Batteries?
11-04 2022

Carbon batteries and alkaline batteries are both dry cells, but they are divided into two categories according to the different materials. The rated voltage of carbon batteries and alkaline batteries is 1.5V, but the capacity of alkaline batteries of the same volume is larger and more adaptable to high current discharge.

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What Should We Pay Attention to when Using Alkaline Batteries?
11-01 2022

In the field of small batteries, alkaline batteries are very popular and are known and loved by users for their longevity, safety, convenience and low cost. With alkaline batteries, devices can have a longer standby and usage time, and also safety is better guaranteed.

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