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How to Buy Alkaline Batteries?
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How to Buy Alkaline Batteries?

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The main components of alkaline batteries are: zinc, manganese dioxide and potassium hydroxide, which contain no or only traces of mercury and are harmless to humans and the environment. Therefore, alkaline dry batteries belong in household waste or residual waste.

  • How to buy alkaline batteries?

  • What are the structural characteristics of alkaline batteries?

  • What is the capacity of an alkaline battery?

How to buy alkaline batteries?

Alkaline batteries are unknown to many, but they are beginning to dominate the market at an astonishing pace. Their main advantage is the long service life, which is usually seven times as long as conventional batteries, and the initial recovery time is short, which is particularly suitable for camera flashes. The performance is stable and does not leak, so some advanced electronic products such as BP machines, remote controls, electronic cameras, etc. alkaline batteries. There is also a little secret: alkaline batteries are usually marked with donot recharge (non-rechargeable), which are safety reasons. In addition, alkaline batteries, the energy of which is "consumed", can recover a certain amount of energy after being inserted for a certain time, so the intermittent use of alkaline batteries can have a longer operating time.

alkaline batteries

What are the structural characteristics of alkaline batteries?

Alkaline batteriesuse the opposite electrode structure of ordinary batteries, thereby increasing the relative area between positive and negative electrodes, and replace ammonium chloride and zinc chloride solutions with highly conductive potassium hydroxide solution. Switching from flakes to granules, increasing the reaction area of the negative electrode and using high-performance electrolytic manganese powder lead to a significant improvement in electrical performance. Generally, the same type of alkaline battery has the capacity and discharge time of normal batteries. alkaline batteries are better suited for applications where high continuous discharge and high operating voltage are required, especially for cameras, flashes, shavers, electric toys, CD devices, high-performance remote controls, wireless mice, keyboards, etc.

What is the capacity of an alkaline battery?

The capacity of alkaline batteries is higher than that of carbon zinc batteries, because the electrode materials are better utilized, the purity and density of manganese dioxide used as cathode and zinc powder used as anode are higher, and the lower volume of the inner parts (such as electrodes) also creates space to increase the capacity. In general, alkaline batteries have a capacity of 3–6 times higher than carbon zinc batteries.

The capacity of alkaline batteries decreases as the output current increases. For example, the same battery can have a capacity of 3000 mAh at a low current (0.1 A), but only 700 mAh at a high current (1.A), which is less than 1/1 of the original capacity. 4.AA alkaline batteries have an average capacity of approximately 2000 mAh with low current discharge, while AAA batteries have about 1/2 to 1/3 the capacity of AA batteries.

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