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What Are the Advantages of Alkaline Batteries?
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What Are the Advantages of Alkaline Batteries?

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The common composition of disposable alkaline batteries on the market is zinc-manganese dioxide, which uses manganese dioxide as the cathode of the battery, zinc as the anode, and potassium hydroxide aqueous solution as the electrolyte.

  • Where is the environmental protection of alkaline batteries reflected?

  • What are the physical properties of alkaline batteries?

  • What are the advantages of alkaline batteries?

Where is the environmental protection of alkaline batteries reflected?

Alkaline batteries, also known as alkaline dry batteries or alkaline zinc-manganese dry batteries, are suitable for instruments that require a large amount of discharge and are used for a long time. The internal resistance of alkaline batteries is low, so the current generated is larger than that of ordinary zinc-manganese batteries, and it is environmentally friendly. alkaline batteries contain only 0.025% mercury and do not need to be recycled. Based on the environmental protection and high current characteristics of alkaline batteries, alkaline batteries are now offered more.

What are the physical properties of alkaline batteries?

Alkaline batteries use manganese dioxide as the positive electrode, zinc as the negative electrode, and potassium hydroxide as the electrolyte. Its characteristics are better than that of carbon-zinc batteries, and its electric capacity is large. Taking gold-top alkaline batteries as an example, it has an average of 5 times more electricity than carbon-zinc batteries (power multiples will vary with different electrical products), good preservation, and leakage resistance. It has good liquid properties, good temperature resistance, small voltage change, stable voltage can be obtained, and high-efficiency discharge can still be achieved under high current, so both large and small current devices are suitable for use.

Advantages of Alkaline Batteries

What are the advantages of alkaline batteries?

  1. Alkaline batteries have a wide range of applications, can be used in naval equipment, defense tactical radio, field telephone, intelligent terminal equipment and other naval equipment preferred portable power supply, but also the army in large quantities of a reserve power supply;

  2. Alkaline batteries with high storage capacity, heavy load and continuous discharge performance indicators, long discharge time at high voltage, excellent storage performance indicators and do not maintain;

  3. Alkaline batteries choose manganese ring secondary repressure and its steel case inner sidewall carbon coating technology, significantly reduce the battery internal resistance, improve the battery high current discharge performance index;

  4. Alkaline batteries use microfiber high density diaphragm, which can effectively increase the storage period of the battery;

  5. Alkaline batteries with good sealing rubber plug set the type of security explosion-proof structure, to prevent the battery from improper use of the battery explosion may occur.

  6. Alkaline batteries choose ultra-thin steel case technology to enhance the internal storage capacity of the battery, and then enhance the battery discharge storage capacity;

  7. Alkaline batteries do not contain mercury and cadmium, no pollution to the environment; very little will bring harm to the environment.

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