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What Are the Characteristics and Usage Range of Lithium Button Battery?
01-26 2023

In daily life, our demand for button batteries is also relatively large, a variety of toys, car remote control and other electronic products will use this micro button battery, although they will use, but many people are unfamiliar with lithium button battery.

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What Are the Product Features of Lithium Button Battery?
01-23 2023

Lithium button battery is shaped as a squat cylinder, typically 5 to 25 mm (0.197 to 0.984 in.) in diameter and 1 to 6 mm (0.039 to 0.236 in.) in height, similar to a button. Stainless steel typically forms the bottom body and positive terminal of the battery; insulated from it, the metal top cap forms the negative terminal.

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What Are the Performance Advantages of Lithium Button Battery?
01-21 2023

The Lithium Button Batter is developed from the five dimensions of battery sealing, diaphragm quality, energy density, spatial structure and moisture of the core, to wrap the positive electrode piece of the button battery, perfectly.Lithium Button Batter, with energy storage nano-crystal outer core firmly locks the thickened lithium core, with energy locking energy to avoid loss.

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What Are the Products Related to Lithium Button Battery?
01-18 2023

Lithium button battery, the large capacity expansion, stable voltage output, long-lasting locking power upgrade in three aspects.

What Do You Know About the Lithium Button Battery?
01-13 2023

Lithium button battery provides power with high energy density and reliability for a variety of applications. Despite their small size, these lithium button batteries have a high energy density. They are particularly suitable for compact devices with ultra-low background consumption.

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