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What Are the Performance Advantages of Lithium Button Battery?
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What Are the Performance Advantages of Lithium Button Battery?

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The lithium button batter is developed from the five dimensions of battery sealing, diaphragm quality, energy density, spatial structure and moisture of the core, to wrap the positive electrode piece of the button battery, perfectly.Lithium Button Batter, with energy storage nano-crystal outer core firmly locks the thickened lithium core, with energy locking energy to avoid loss.

  • How to choose lithium button battery?

  • What is the CR series in lithium button battery?

  • What is the role of the lithium sheet in lithium button battery?

How to choose lithium button battery?

1.Look at the appearance.

There should be no deformation and cracks in the appearance.

2.Listen to the sound.

When you pinch the poles of two lithium button battery and rotate and shake them in one direction at the same time, if you can hear the sound of "clatter" and "clatter", it is a normal product; otherwise, it means that the product's internal pole plate is defective or there are impurity particles not completely off clean and cause the short circuit phenomenon.

3.Test feel.

Put the pole between the fingers repeatedly rubbed hot and then released to touch its shell to determine whether its quality is hot.

Lithium Button Battery

4.Check the logo.

In the box should have the manufacturer's trademark name and address telephone and other content mark clear and complete and not easy to erase.

What is the CR series in lithium button battery?

The CR series products in lithium button battery are lithium manganese raw materials,the CR2032, CR2025, CR1620, etc.that we often use are all classified as lithium manganese batteries.The voltage is all classified as 3V, and the current is usually 0.1-0.2mA in operation.In the factory voltage is generally above 3V, 3.45 below,the voltage above 3V is classified as false power,in the following 3V battery will be stable discharge, because of its voltage, current characteristics, so this series of products button battery is widely used in electronic scales, student cards, motherboards, CMOS, watches and other electronic devices.

What is the role of the lithium sheet in lithium button battery?

The diameter of the negative tab in lithium button battery is slightly smaller than the diameter of the negative case.The diameter of the lithium tab in CR2032 is 15.8mm,and the lab usually uses a stamping die with a diameter of 14mm corresponding to the CR2032 button battery) to stamp the positive tab.It is worth noting that the lithium sheet is relatively soft and easily deformed, so before installing the battery, you can use the positive shell (because it is relatively large) to flatten the deformed lithium sheet.In addition,lithium metal is easy to oxidize and deteriorate in the air and explode easily in water,so the purchased lithium metal sheet needs to be opened in the glove box.Take care not to damage the glove when opening.

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