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What is the Technology of Alkaline Batteries?
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What is the Technology of Alkaline Batteries?

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Alkaline batteries are successful dry batteries with high capacity and one of the most cost-effective batteries. alkaline batteries use manganese dioxide as a positive electrode, zinc as a negative electrode, and potassium hydroxide as an electrolyte. Their properties are better than those of carbon batteries, and their electrical capacity is large. The chemical formula is: Zn+MnO2+H2O→Mn(OH)2+ZnO.

  • What are the characteristics of alkaline batteries?

  • How do alkaline batteries react?

  • What is the technology of alkaline batteries?

What are the characteristics of alkaline batteries?

The type of alkaline battery is LR6 (size five)/LR03 (size seven), and the prefix L stands for alkaline (a "L" kaline). Of course, there can also be a suffix behind the number, but this is not common. The alkaline battery uses electrolytic manganese dioxide to make an annular positive electrode, and as a negative electrode a zinc paste made from zinc powder and additives is used. Due to the strong conductivity of the electrolyte, the much larger surface area of positive and negative materials than carbon batteries, and the promotion of the electrochemical reaction of the zinc-manganese system under strongly alkaline conditions, the output power and capacity of alkaline batteries are much better than that of carbon batteries. alkaline batteries are more suitable for high power electrical devices than carbon batteries, but with the development of digital technology, many electrical devices can be called electric tigers, such as high brightness LED flashlights, flashlights, etc. The current of these electrical appliances is often 1500 mA, and the general alkaline battery is probably also embarrassing.

Alkaline Battery

How do alkaline batteries react?

The charge-discharge cycle performance of rechargeable alkaline zinc manganese batteries is worse than that of conventional secondary batteries, and the charge-discharge behavior has a great impact on the life of the battery. The life of a full charge/discharge cycle is only about 50 times, when using this type of battery, overcharge should be avoided, and flat discharge can greatly improve the cycle life of the battery. The discharge reaction of the battery is the same as that of the alkaline zinc manganese primary battery, and the reverse reaction of the discharge reaction occurs when charging:


What is the technology of alkaline batteries?

An improved zinc manganese alkaline battery that can be reused by recharging and is called RAM. The structure and manufacturing process of the battery are essentially the same as the alkaline zinc manganese battery.

To achieve rechargeability, the battery was improved on the basis of alkaline zinc-manganese battery: 

1. Improve the structure of the positive electrode, increase the strength of the positive electrode ring, or add additives such as adhesives to prevent the positive electrode from swelling up during charging and discharging;

2. Improve the reversibility of manganese dioxide by doping the positive electrode;

3. Control the amount of zinc, the active material of the negative electrode, and control the manganese dioxide so that it discharges only with 1 electron;

4. Improvement of the insulation layer to prevent zinc endrites from penetrating the insulation layer and causing a short circuit when the battery is charged.

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