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What is the Superiority of Alkaline Batteries over Carbon Batteries?
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What is the Superiority of Alkaline Batteries over Carbon Batteries?

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Alkaline batteries meet the diverse needs of different consumers and are fully compatible with the new appliances of the new smart era, keeping the power always on.

  • What are the advantages of alkaline batteries?

  • How to properly use alkaline batteries?

  • What is the superiority of alkaline batteries over carbon batteries?

What are the advantages of alkaline batteries?

1. In terms of internal materials:

Carbon batteries: made up of carbon rods and zinc skins, although the internal cadmium and mercury are not conducive to environmental protection, they are still cheap and have a place in the market.

Alkaline batteries: they do not contain heavy metal ions, have a high current, are environmentally friendly and are the future direction of battery development.

2. In terms of performance:

Alkaline batteries: much more durable than carbon batteries.

Carbon batteries: much more widely used than alkaline batteries, but the capacity of carbon batteries is small.

Alkaline batteries use new anti-aging seals, upgraded leak-proof formulas, anti-corrosion diamond shells and strict leak-proof testing to solve the hidden danger of battery leakage, and are more durable.

3. In terms of storage:

Alkaline batteries: manufacturers have a shelf life of 5 years, with the longer ones reaching 7 years, and the Zung Fu Poly Ring 3 generation batteries can even be stored for 10 years.

Carbon batteries: generally have a shelf life of one to two years.

How to properly use alkaline batteries?

Use batteries of the same type and capacity

When using more than one battery, use the same brand or even the same type of battery; avoid mixing old and new batteries. Otherwise there is an increased risk of leakage of electrolyte.

Separate storage when the battery unit will not be used for an extended period of time

When the battery device is not used for a long time, the battery should be taken out and stored separately to avoid leakage of electrolyte and damage to electronic products due to storage for a long time.

The battery should also be stored away from humidity, high temperature, sunlight, heavy objects and other environments.

alkaline batteries

What is the superiority of alkaline batteries over carbon batteries?

1, Alkaline battery capacity and output current are usually several times higher than carbon batteries.

2, In terms of power, alkaline batteries are more cost-effective than carbon batteries, and one is better than six. For example, the same battery can have a capacity of 3000mAh at low output current, but when it is used to take 1A current negative-load, the capacity will only be 700mAh, which is less than 1/4 of the original capacity.

3, From the point of view of use, carbon batteries are used for devices that require a relatively small amount of electric current, carbon batteries are suitable for flashlights, semiconductor radios, recorders, cameras, electronic clocks, toys, scientific research, telecommunications, navigation, aviation, medicine and other fields in the national economy. alkaline batteries are used in flashlights, razors, electric toys, CD players, high-power remote controls, wireless mice, keyboards, etc.

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