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Why Choose Zinc Air Battery?
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Why Choose Zinc Air Battery?

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Zinc air battery is an environmentally friendly battery with small size, large charge capacity, low mass, normal operation in a wide temperature range, no corrosion, and safe and reliable operation.

  • What are the main reactions that take place in a zinc-air battery?

  • What is the application prospect of zinc air battery?

  • Why choose zinc air battery?

What are the main reactions that take place in a zinc-air battery?

Zinc-air batteries are mainly composed of zinc plate as anode, air electrode as cathode and electrolyte. On the anode, the metal zinc undergoes an electrochemical oxidation reaction to generate electrons, thereby forming an electric current. On the cathode, the air electrode, which is the heart of the zinc-air battery, provides a place for catalyzing the oxygen reduction reaction. The oxygen in the outside air first permeates the gas permeable layer of the air electrode and then diffuses into the catalytic layer. The three-phase electrochemical reduction reaction occurs at the interface of the contact. Since the catalytic electrode itself is not consumed during the reaction, the high specific capacity of zinc-air batteries can be achieved by increasing the amount of zinc anode. Therefore, for the zinc-air battery, the zinc anode is the energy storage device, which determines the output capacity of the battery; while for the positive electrode, it essentially acts as an energy converter, which determines the power output capability of the battery.

PR48 Zinc Air Battery

What is the application prospect of zinc air battery?

Zinc air battery has the advantages of safety, zero pollution, high energy, high power, low cost and renewable materials, so it is considered by experts as an ideal power source for equipping electric vehicles. The voltage of the zinc air battery is about 1.4 V, and the discharge current is restricted by the oxygen adsorption and diffusion speed of the activated carbon electrode. Each type of battery has its optimum current value. When the limit value is exceeded, the activated carbon electrode will deteriorate rapidly. The charge of the zinc air battery is generally more than 3 times larger than that of the zinc-manganese battery of the same volume. The charge of a large zinc air battery is generally 500~2 000 A·h, and it is mainly used in railway and nautical beacon devices. The button-shaped zinc air battery has a charge of 200~400 mA h and has been widely used in hearing aids.

Why choose zinc air battery?

And because only oxygen in the air and relatively cheap zinc are used, the cost of zinc-air batteries has also dropped. It is reported that the price after mass production is only 1/3 of that of lithium batteries.

Zinc-air battery: It is a primary battery that uses activated carbon to adsorb oxygen or pure oxygen in the air as the positive active material, zinc as the negative electrode, and ammonium chloride or caustic alkali solution as the electrolyte.

Lithium metal battery: Lithium metal battery generally uses manganese dioxide as the positive electrode material, metallic lithium or its alloy metal as the negative electrode material, and uses a non-aqueous electrolyte solution.

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