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What is the Use Value of Zinc-air Battery?
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What is the Use Value of Zinc-air Battery?

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Zinc-air battery is a new type of chemical power source with oxygen in the air as the positive active material and metal zinc as the negative active material. The zinc-air battery is a half battery and half fuel cell. The main advantages are low cost, high energy and high safety.

  • What is the use value of zinc-air battery?

  • What are the application areas of zinc-air batteries?

  • What are the characteristics of zinc-air batteries?

What is the use value of zinc-air battery?

People's increasing demand for energy has led to the rapid consumption of fossil fuels, which has intensified the outbreak of environmental problems, which are particularly prominent. The pressure from energy and the environment drives people to seek new energy and new ways of energy storage and transformation. Among many types of energy storage and conversion, electrochemical energy conversion and storage technology (mainly including zinc-air batteries, fuel cells, supercapacitors, etc.) has been recognized as one of the most feasible and efficient energy conversion and storage methods.

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What are the application areas of zinc-air batteries?

Zinc-air batteries are metal-air batteries that provide power through the oxygen in the air, zinc oxide. At present, there are four main types of zinc-air batteries: neutral zinc-air batteries, button-type zinc-air batteries, and low-power, high-charge zinc-air wetted batteries. Batteries and High Power Zinc Air Batteries. The charge of large zinc-air batteries is generally 500-2000Ah, and they are mainly used in railway and marine beacon devices. Button-shaped zinc-air batteries have a charge capacity of 200-400mAh and have been widely used in hearing aids.

Zinc-air batteries range in size from very small button cells used in hearing aids, to larger cells used in film cameras using mercury cells, to very large cells for electric vehicle propulsion and grid-scale energy storage. The key to the preservation of zinc-air batteries is the seal. Unless the battery is ready to be used immediately, the battery cathode seal cannot be removed. If once the seal of the zinc-air battery is torn off, the air enters the inside to activate the electrochemical reaction. At this time, even if the seal is attached again, the electrochemical reaction will continue until the power is exhausted.

What are the characteristics of zinc-air batteries?

Zinc-air batteries have large specific energy, stable discharge voltage, unlimited source of positive active material air, and cheap batteries, but they cannot be used in airtight or oxygen-deficient conditions. Wet batteries have poor storage performance and are generally only suitable for appliances that are used continuously. The battery expression of alkaline zinc-air battery is: (–)Zn∣NaOH(KOH)∣O2(C)(+) The battery reaction is: Zn+NaOH+O2 Na2ZnO2+H2O zinc-air battery is widely used, button zinc-air battery It has completely replaced zinc-mercury oxide batteries for instruments such as hearing aids, and square and cylindrical zinc-air batteries have been widely used in various signal lights.

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