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What is the Use Value of Silver Oxide Button Battery?
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What is the Use Value of Silver Oxide Button Battery?

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The silver oxide button battery is an alkaline battery that uses an aqueous silver oxide solution for the anode, zinc for the cathode, and potassium hydroxide or sodium hydroxide for the electrolyte. Most silver oxide batteries are button-type primary batteries, but some secondary batteries can also be used. Silver oxide batteries were initially used as a power source for cameras and small electronic calculators, but are now used primarily in watches. The rated voltage is 1.55V .

  • What is the use value of silver oxide button battery?

  • What is the silver oxide button battery leak in the watch?

  • When does silver oxide button battery require maintenance?

What is the use value of silver oxide button battery?

Have you never heard of silver oxide button battery? Never mind. So what makes this battery so special? Silver oxide batteries are primary batteries with a very high energy-to-weight ratio. the silver oxide button battery has approximately twice the energy capacity of a button-type alkaline battery. Although the name Silver Oxide may not sound familiar, it is a frequently used battery. What applications is the silver oxide button battery best suited for? Its highly stable voltage makes the Silver Oxide Button Battery a smart choice for precision devices such as quartz watches, bicycle computers, athlete heart rate monitors, calculators, digital thermometers and other precision electronics. The possibilities are almost endless.


What is the silver oxide button battery leak in the watch?

As the silver oxide button battery ages, the diaphragm degrades, which can bring some of the electrolyte in the anode into direct contact with the zinc in the cathode. When this happens, electrolysis occurs.

Because electrolysis only occurs after the diaphragm degrades, the likelihood of silver oxide button battery leakage increases as the battery approaches the end of its shelf life. Other factors, such as temperature and remaining capacity, also contribute to the likelihood of electrolyte escape.

Electrolysis is a chemical reaction in which the sodium hydroxide electrolyte splits and passes its oxygen to the zinc.

In the following equation, Na is sodium, O is oxygen, H is hydrogen and Zn is zinc.

NaOH + Zn = Na + ZnO + H

Sodium hydroxide plus zinc becomes sodium plus zinc oxide plus hydrogen

Hydrogen is the least dense element, and in fact, once separated from the electrolyte, it increases in volume inside the cell shell by a factor of 20 or more. Since the cell is sealed, the hydrogen cannot escape, resulting in an increase in pressure.

This pressure will try to push it out as it tries to equilibrate with the outside air. As we can see in the diagram above, the insulator (red) is the weak point, which is where the gas tries to escape. If the buildup is large enough, the insulator will break, allowing the hydrogen to escape.

Once this seal is broken, the highly alkaline and corrosive electrolyte will be free to leak out of the cell. Any additional hydrogen produced will help to drain the electrolyte at a faster rate.

When does silver oxide button battery require maintenance?

The watch appears to have excessive starting voltage and power consumption (power consumption), causing the battery life to be shortened. Therefore, in addition to replacing the silver oxide button battery, you need to do a regular watch maintenance and care.

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