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What Are the Advantages of Zinc-air Batteries?
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What Are the Advantages of Zinc-air Batteries?

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Zinc-air batteries use oxygen in the air as the positive active material and metallic zinc as the negative active material.

  • What are the advantages of zinc-air batteries?

  • What is the practicality of zinc-air batteries?

  • What is the role of a zinc-air battery?

What are the advantages of zinc-air batteries?

(1) High specific energy: The theoretical specific energy of zinc-air battery can reach more than 1350Wh/kg, which is a large-capacity high-energy specific chemical power source.

(2) Low price: As the fourth most abundant metal in the earth's crust, zinc has a wide range of sources and is cheap. The cathode active material oxygen comes from the surrounding air, and the cost of the entire zinc-air battery is extremely low.

(3) Stable performance: Due to the direct contact with the air outside the battery, the high current discharge and pulse discharge performance of the zinc-air battery are quite good. The zinc-air battery pack has good consistency, and there is no uneven charging and discharging. The battery allows deep discharge, has a wide operating current range, and can work normally in the range of -20 to 80 °C.

(4) Environmentally friendly and pollution-free; easy to recycle and low regeneration cost: the battery itself does not contain harmful reactants, so it will not pollute the environment.

(5) Good safety: all components of the zinc-air battery do not have strong activity, nor are they flammable, so there is no fire or explosion caused by leakage or short circuit.

zinc-air batteries

What is the practicality of zinc-air batteries?

1. The cost of positive and negative electrodes is low, one side is air, and the other side is zinc. The proven production of domestic zinc reserves is the world's largest, and the reserves of zinc in other countries are not low, which makes the cost of zinc lower than other metals, which also enables low-cost operation in both mining and production. Especially compared with lithium batteries, both cobalt and lithium carbonate/lithium hydroxide materials in ternary lithium batteries are several times or even 10 times that of zinc materials.

2. The energy replenishment time is fast, and it can be used after changing the electrolyte and changing the zinc. This feature is the same as other metal-air batteries. In view of the many advantages of zinc-air metal batteries, on the vehicle, companies have actually been the first to conduct commercial trials.

What is the role of a zinc-air battery?

Porous activated carbon electrodes are used as positive electrodes, and platinum or other materials are used as catalysts. Zinc powder is made into paste and then pressed into flakes or made into a pole plate as a negative electrode by applying paste. Zinc-air batteries have an open circuit voltage of 1.4 to 1.5 volts and are available in button, cylindrical and square shapes. Zinc-air batteries can be made into primary cells as well as secondary batteries. The battery is generally charged mechanically by replacing the zinc negative electrode and the electrolyte.

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