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How Does the Zinc Air Battery Work?
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How Does the Zinc Air Battery Work?

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Zinc Air Battery is a new type of chemical power source that uses oxygen in the air as the positive active material and metal zinc as the negative active material. A zinc-air battery is a half battery half fuel cell. First, the negative electrode active material is encapsulated inside the battery like zinc-manganese, lead and other batteries, which has the characteristics of a battery; secondly, the positive electrode active material comes from the oxygen contained in the air outside the battery, and theoretically has infinite capacity, which is a typical fuel cell.

  • What is the current status of choosing zinc-air batteries?

  • What is the difference between Zinc Air Battery and Lithium battery?

  • Why choose Zinc Air Battery?

What is the current status of choosing zinc-air batteries?

Early zinc-air batterieswere mainly developed for disposable batteries, such as button batteries and cylindrical batteries, which can be used in electronic products, handheld lighting products, etc.; with the development of new energy power generation and new energy automobile industry, zinc-air secondary batteries It can be recycled and used in photovoltaic power generation, electric bicycles, new energy vehicles, etc. Therefore, compared with lithium-ion batteries, zinc-air batteries have more market prospects.

What is the difference between Zinc Air Battery and Lithium battery?

Compared with lithium batteries, the energy density of zinc-air batteries is twice as high, and the increase in storage capacity is not easy to explode, and the price is lower than that of lithium batteries. However, according to the physical characteristics of zinc-air batteries, it can be known that the zinc-air battery needs oxygen to enter the battery when discharging, so the battery is not completely sealed. If the waterproof and breathable membrane is not done well, the battery is prone to problems such as climbing alkali leakage, evaporation of electrolyte and drying up. In conclusion, different batteries have natural advantages and disadvantages. Choose the right battery according to your own application and requirements.

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Why choose Zinc Air Battery?

1. Environmental protection. The positive electrode of the battery is made of activated carbon and copper mesh, and the negative electrode is made of metal zinc, and no toxic substances are used.

2. Recyclable. After the zinc electrode is used up, it can be reused by regeneration and reduction. In addition, the zinc electrode can also be charged mechanically, that is, the zinc electrode after being used up is taken out of the battery and placed in a special tank for charging. The zinc-air electrode can be reused many times, and can also be made into a direct-charged zinc-air battery, referred to as a secondary zinc-air battery. Hunan Fengri Power Electric Co., Ltd. has developed a secondary zinc-air battery with a charging cycle life of more than 100 times.

3. Since the charging of the zinc-air battery is mainly to replace the pole plate, the regeneration of the pole plate can be carried out centrally. Pads can be distributed like a store without having to build dedicated charging stations. This not only saves a lot of upfront investment, but also brings a lot of convenience to users.

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