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How Does a Zinc-air Battery Work?
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How Does a Zinc-air Battery Work?

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For zinc-air batteries, the air electrode is the core. The air electrode of the zinc-air battery is an ultra-thin electrode, which is in contact with both the electrolyte and the air during operation, and assumes the place of the three-phase reaction.

  • What is the current development status of zinc-air batteries?

  • What are the components of zinc-air battery?

  • How does a zinc-air battery work?

What is the current development status of zinc-air batteries?

At present, the zinc-air battery adopts the "charging" mode of mechanically replacing the zinc plate or zinc particles of the battery, and the active material of the zinc-air battery is replaced as a whole, and the entire zinc-air battery is replaced, and the battery does not take a long time. To charge, it only takes 1 minute and 40 seconds to replace a 20kWh battery block. zinc-air batteries have the ability to continuously discharge large currents, which can meet the requirements of EV rapid acceleration and continuous hill climbing. In actual use, the self-discharge rate of zinc-air batteries is very low, close to zero, and has the ability to maintain electrical energy for a long time.

What are the components of zinc-air battery?

Anode - is a mixture of zinc powder and electrolyte in a paste.

Electrolyte - a highly concentrated aqueous solution of potassium hydroxide.

Isolation layer - used to isolate the movement of solid particles between two stages.

Insulation and sealing gaskets - nylon material.

Battery outer surface - nickel metal shell, conductor with good corrosion resistance

zinc-air batteries

How does a zinc-air battery work?

The negative active material of the zinc-air battery is encapsulated inside the battery like zinc-manganese, lead and other batteries, and has the characteristics of a battery; secondly, the positive active material comes from the oxygen contained in the air outside the battery, and theoretically has unlimited capacity, which is a fuel cell. typical characteristics.

Zinc-air batteries use zinc (Zn) as the positive electrode, oxygen as the negative electrode, and potassium hydroxide (KOH) as the electrolyte. The working principle is to use activated carbon to adsorb oxygen or pure oxygen in the air as the positive active material, use zinc as the negative electrode, and use ammonium chloride or caustic alkali solution as the electrolyte.

The chemical reaction equation is as follows: Anode: Zn2OH–→ZnOH2O2e–; Cathode: O22H2O4e –→4OH–; Comprehensive: 2ZnO2→2ZnO The zinc-air battery is characterized by a high specific energy, which can reach 340Wh/kg. Safety, stable discharge performance and low cost. The weight is 50% of the lithium battery, and the driving range is 200% of the lithium battery. Air must be able to enter the cathode uninterrupted, and small holes are opened in the cathode casing to allow the continuous flow of oxygen in order for the chemical reaction of the battery to occur.

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