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CR2025 155mah 3V Camera Accessories Coin Lithium Battery
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CR2025 155mah 3V Camera Accessories Coin Lithium Battery


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  • CR2025


CR2025 155mah 3V Flashlights Coin Lithium Battery  Overview

Guangzhou Dolphin Information Technology Co., Ltd. presents the CR2025 155mAh 3V Flashlights Coin Lithium Battery, a reliable power source for various applications. This lithium button battery offers long-lasting performance and a stable voltage output, ensuring optimal functionality for flashlights and other compatible devices. With its compact design and high energy density, it is an ideal choice for portable electronics. Trust in the quality and durability of our CR2025 battery to power your devices efficiently and effectively.

Product Feature

  • Power high-energy-consuming electrical appliances, ensuring long working time and stable voltage.

  • Suitable for pulse-discharging electrical appliances, providing reliable power supply.

  • Good leak-proof performance, preventing damage to electronic devices.

  • Wide temperature range usability, suitable for various applications.

  • Used in car remote controls, electronic scales, and other electronic devices, providing reliable power source.

Product Application

  1. Powering electronic scales: CR2025 155mAh 3V Flashlights Coin Lithium Battery is commonly used in electronic scales to provide a reliable power source for accurate weight measurements.

  2. Long-lasting performance: The high capacity of 155mAh ensures that the battery can power electronic scales for extended periods, allowing users to weigh items without frequent battery replacements.

  3. Compact and lightweight: The compact size and lightweight design of the CR2025 battery make it suitable for use in portable electronic scales, ensuring ease of use and convenience for users.

  4. Stable voltage output: With a voltage output of 3V, the CR2025 battery provides a stable power supply to electronic scales, ensuring consistent and accurate weight measurements.

  5. Easy to replace: The CR2025 battery is readily available in the market and can be easily replaced in electronic scales, allowing users to quickly resume weighing tasks without any downtime.

Safety Instructions

  • Always handle the battery with clean and dry hands to avoid any contamination or moisture.

  • Do not expose the battery to extreme temperatures, as it may cause leakage or damage to the battery.

  • Avoid short-circuiting the battery by keeping it away from metal objects or other batteries.

  • Do not attempt to disassemble or puncture the battery, as it may release harmful chemicals or cause a fire hazard.

  • Dispose of the battery properly according to local regulations and guidelines to prevent environmental pollution.


  • Q :What is the voltage of the CR2025 155mah 3V Flashlights Coin Lithium Battery?

  • A :3V

  • Q :What are the advantages of the lithium-manganese button battery?

  • A :Low internal resistance, high capacity, long working time, good leak-proof performance, stable voltage

  • Q :Where is the CR2025 155mah 3V Flashlights Coin Lithium Battery commonly used?

  • A :Car remote controls, high-tech electronic industry, electric tool toy gift industry, computer motherboards, body fat analyzers, car tire pressure gauges, electronic scales, ear thermometers, testers, counters, cameras, radio instruments, and flash generators

  • Q :What type of electrical appliances is the lithium-manganese button battery suitable for?

  • A :High-energy-consuming and pulse-discharging electrical appliances

  • Q :What are the characteristics of the CR2025 155mah 3V Flashlights Coin Lithium Battery?

  • A :Twice the voltage of ordinary dry batteries, wide temperature range usage

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